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The owner and his family come from a building industry background and it has helped Nzuri understand the frustrations of building and the impact it puts on the clients. With this knowledge we try our best to have all assembling, cleaning, doors hung and handles fitted in the factory before arriving at the site. All units are quality checked and then wrapped ready for installation. We want an “in and out” installation with everything complete before the clients know we have begun. Nzuri does not want to be a burden to the builders and clients but a blessing. All cutting edging and spraying along with assembly is done in house with permanent employees having full control as best we can.

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Our sister companies Granite Maintenance and Projects, Home Renovations and Maintenance as well as JBC Kitchen and Cupboards, are our manufacturing & Reno plants specializing in the “dirty” work.
With highly trained and educated Production Managers to well experienced on floor staff, all our cupboards are manufactured to spec and quality checked before leaving the premises. We value our customers time and strive to have most cupboard work prepared in the factory leaving the site work to the minimum.
HRM & GMP has 25-30 years experienced builders giving us the advantage in knowing all situations and being able to advise our clients as best we can.
Our own worktop surfaces divisions help us have the best price for our clients and all worktops are cut, polished and installed to perfection.

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